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[ Under construction: NEW WEBSITE CEP]

Coetus Praevius

A brand new website for the CEP is under construction and will be on line after summer, before the General Congregation in Rome.

The project is guided by a team: José de Pablo s.J. (Assistant CEP), Diego Losada (Project-manager CEP) and Philip Debruyne s.J. (Webmaster). It is being produced by the Officina Digital of the Spanish Province in Valladolid.

[ GC 36 –Responding to new calls and urgent needs]

Coetus Praevius

The Preparatory Commission (Coetus Praevius) for GC 36 met in Rome from Monday 31st August until Saturday 12th September. The task of the group was to draw up an agenda for the upcoming General Congregation.

After this meeting, the Commission has published a statement about the Postulates, "The Call of the Eternal King", and some of their Decisions.

>> Read the statement of the Coetus Praevius

[ The Refugee Crisis in Europe - Call for our Response]

Refugees welcome

On September 6th Fr. John Dardis, President of the Conference of European Provincials has sent out a Letter about the current Refugee crisis in Europe and its call for our response. This letter is adressed to all Major Superiors of Europe and all the Jesuit Companions of the Conference and invites them to use all possible means to welcome and help "so many people today coming by boat across the Mediterranean, fleeing war, especially in Syria".

>> Read the letter


[ New General Assistant for Central and Eastern Europe]

Fr. Tomasz Kot

Father Tomasz Kot, till now Provincial of North Poland, has been appointed by Father General as General Councelor and Regional Assistant for Central and Eastern Europe.

Fr Kot was born in 1966, entered the Society of Jesus in 1985 and ordained a priest in 1996. Before becoming Provincial he was a theology Professor at the Pontifical Faculty of Theology Bobolanum in Warsaw, director of Rethos editions and editor for the review Przeglad Powszechny. 

Fr. Kot will commence his service on October 1, 2015. Fr. General has expressed his personal gratitude to Fr. Kot and his Province for his availability, particularly at such an important and a crucial moment, in view of the preparations for the 36th General Congregation.


[ Death of Fr. Eddy Jadot]

Fr. Eddy Jadot

On June 14th 2015 Fr. Eddy Jadot (BML) died in Brussels. He was 85.

Eddy was Director of JRS-Europe from 1993 to 2000 and subsequently became Director of JRS-Belgium.

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[ Mourning Fr. Severin Leitner ]

Fr. Severin Leitner

On Sunday morning June 7th Fr. Severin Leitner, the Regional Assistant and council member of Fr. General for Central and Eastern Europe, passed away while trekking on the Gran Sasso mountains in Aquila, Italy.

According to different media, he was with a younger priest on the road while reaching a height of 2800 meters, he slipped on a snowfield, plunged over a cliff and felt down 400 meters.

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[ Update on the situation in Nepal ]


- Jesuits involved in the Relief and Rehabilitation work in Nepal because of the earthquake

- Ongoing support from the Xavier Network, the European Jesuit Mission Offices and NGOs

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[ European Provincials in Lvivl ]

Jesuits in Europe The European Jesuit Provincials at their annual meeting in Lviv (Ukraine) in October 2014.