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 sj European Interprovincial Communities
     Brussels - Dublin (Tertianship of the CEP)

The Conference of European Provincials (CEP) creates a forum which enables the European Jesuit Major Superiors to meet, to collaborate, to plan and to pray together. Like the other four conferences of the Society the CEP has a President who is appointed by Father General for a term of four years. The current President is John Dardis from the Irish province and his Assistant is José de Pablo from the Castillian province.

The membership of the conference includes all the European provincials and vice-provincials, and the regional superiors of the Rumanion and of the Russian Region. There are 28 members including the President.

The privileged moment of the conference is the General Assembly which is held each year in a different European country. There, over the period of a week, the provincials meet each other, discuss common issues and projects, vote on a common budget and assess the progress of the works and communities which they have initiated at European level. Obviously it is also a golden opportunity for provincials to form new friendships and to discover new possibilities for interprovincial cooperation and support.

The President has a council comprised of the moderators of the three European assistancies, two members who are not provincials and the President’s Assistant. This council usually meets four times every year and is an important instrument in advancing the decisions and policies of the General Assembly.

The CEP supports five important common works in Brussels which are focussed particularly at European level: JRS-Europe; OCIPE; the Foyer Catholique Européen; the Chapel of the Resurrection and the responsibility for Catholic religious education in the European schools in Brussels.

Jesuit European groups are considered as privileged means to foster interprovincial collaboration within the Society of Jesus in Europe in its different areas of activity.

At present there are two Jesuit European communities under the direct jurisdiction of the President: the St. Benedict community in Brussels and the tertianship of the CEP in Dublin.

The President has two delegates: Fr Alessandro Manaresi (ITA) who is delegate for the 11 European centres (philosophy and theology). He is responsible for visiting the centres and ensuring that the Guidelines laid down by the CEP are implemented. He is also convenor of the formation delegates Eurogroup.  Fr José Ignacio García (CAS) is responsible for the collaboration and coordination of the social apostolate at European level.   

The CEP has a webmaster, Fr Philip Debruyne who also publishes an electronic news service "Jesuits in Europe" which helps to develop a better understanding of common Jesuit concerns in Europe. It collects and distributes information of supra provincial interest and encourages communication and collaboration among groups and individuals.

History of the Conference of European Provincials  1972 - 2011


John Dardis John Dardis , the former Provincial of the Irish Province (HIB), has been appointed as President of the Conference of European Provincials in January 2010.

Assistant to the President and Executive Secretary of the CEP  is José de Pablo. He started on this assigment in October 2013.

The CEP Office is located at the 
Rue des Trévires 3, B - 1040 Brussels
Phone +32-2 738 77 20 - Fax +32-2 738 77 29. 

John Dardis: president@jesuits-europe.org
José de Pablo: assistant@jesuits-europe.org

  Members of the CEP  

Members of the Conference are all the Provincials, Vice-Provincials and Regional Superiors of Europe and the President of the Conference. Addresses.

  1. President CEP: John Dardis
  2. Austria: Bernhard Bürgler
  3. Belgium, North Belgium: Johan Verschueren
  4. Belgium, South Belgium and Luxembourg: Franck Janin
  5. Croatia: Ante Tustonjic
  6. Czech Republic: Josef Stuchlý
  7. France: Jean Yves Grenet
  8. France, Vice-Provincial: Jacques Gebel
  9. Germany: Stephan Kiechle
  10. Great Britain: Dermot Preston
  11. Hungary: Tamás Forrai
  12. Ireland: Tom Layden
  13. Italy: Gianfranco Matarazzo
  14. Italy, Central-Northern Region: Nicola Gay
  15. Italy, Central-Southern Region: Claudio Barretta
  16. Lithuania-Latvia: Vitkus Gintaras
  17. Malta: Patrick Magro
  18. Near-East Province: Dany Younès
  19. Netherlands: Johan Verschueren
  20. Poland, Greater Poland: Tomasz Ortmann
  21. Poland, South Poland: Jakub Kolacz
  22. Portugal: José Frazão Correia
  23. Romania: Marius Talos
  24. Russia, Russian Region: Anthony Corcoran
  25. Slovakia: Rudolf Uher
  26. Slovenia: Ivan Bresciani
  27. Spain: Francisco J. Ruiz Pérez
  28. Switzerland: Christian Rutishauser

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  Delegates of the CEP  

The President has two delegates: Fr Alessandro Manaresi (ITA) who is delegate for the 11 European centres (philosophy and theology). He is responsible for visiting the centres and ensuring that the Guidelines laid down by the CEP are implemented. He is also convenor of the formation delegates Eurogroup.  Fr José Ignacio García (CAS) is responsible for the collaboration and coordination of the social apostolate at European level.   


    Social Delegate: Fr José Ignacio García (CAS),
    Council: Josep Buades (ARA), Giacomo Costa (ITA), Michael Schoepf(GER), Frank Turner (BRI). Andreas Gösele (GER)


    · Braga (Faculdade de Filosofia da Universidade Católica Portuguesa)
    · Krakow (Kolegium Księży Jezuitów)
    · Munich (Collegium NN. S. Johannis Berchmans et Facultas Philosophica)
    · Padua (Patavinum Institutum pro Studiis Philosophicis NN. "Aloisianum")
    · Salamanca (Colegio San Estanislao Kostka)
    · Zagreb (Collegium Nostrorum Sancti Joseph)

    · Bratislava (Teologická fakulta Trnavskej univerzity)
    · Madrid (Universidad Pontificia Comillas)
    · Warsaw (Papieski Wydział Teologiczny w Warszawie)

    Philosophy and Theology
    · London (Heythrop College University of London)
    · Paris (Centre Sèvres - Facultés jésuites de Paris)

    (Rome, PUG -Collegio Internazionale del Gesù)


    Fr Alessandro Manaresi (ASR)


    Editor: Fr Philip Debruyne (BSE) Waversebaan 220, B-3001 Heverlee-Leuven
    Webmaster: <desk@jesuits-europe.org> Tel: +32 /
    Website: www.jesuits-europe.info

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  European Interprovincial Collaboration Groups  

  • Charismatics: Liaison Committee of Jesuits connected with the Charismatic Renewal (CEL)
        Last meeting: Brussels, 8-10 May 2015
        Next meeting: Paray-le-Monial, 1-3 April 2016
        Coordinator: Paul Favraux,
        (BML), Brussels, Belgium, Guy Lepoutre (GAL),
         Pau, France
        Secretary: to be appointed
  • Communities: Christian Life Communities (Euro CLC)
        Next Meeting Euroteam: Spain, 11-14 February 2016
        Coordinator: Luisa Bonetti, CLC-Italy 
        Ann Siew (CLC-Belgium-Flanders), Claudine Drochon (CVX-France) and
        Bianca Speidl (CLC-Hungaria)
        Spiritual GuideVincent Magri sj, (Malta)
        Web site: www.clc-europe.org
  • Ecumenism: (JesEcum)
        Last meeting: Vienna, Austria, 13-19 July 2015
        Next meeting: Rome, Italy, July 2017
        President: Llywelyn, Dorian (CFN)
        Secretary: Farrugia, Edward (MAL)
  • Education: Jesuit European Committee for primary and Secondary Education (JECSE)
        Last meeting Delegates: Portugal, 25-28 November 2015
        Next meeting Delegates: The Netherlands 16 - 19 November 2016
        Session: Formation of formators: Milano, Italy, 13-15 April 2016
        Seminar for refugees ( in assoc. with JRS): Brussels  27-29 April 2016
        Meeting of ICAJE group: Rome, Italy, 24- 28 May 2016
        Conference for Primary Heads : October 2016 ,venue to be decided
        Steering Committee meeting:
            La Pairelle, 18-19 January 2016
            San Sebastian, 4-5 April 2016
        General Assembly of JECSE : Brussels, 16 February 2016
        Members of the Steering Committee:
        Delegate: Marie-Thérèse Michel, Paris, France, Peter Knapen (Belgium),
        Brian Flannery (HIB), Ricardo Angulo (Spanish North Region), Ferenc
        Holczinger SJ (HUN), Bernard Peeters SJ (BML)
        Web Site: www.jecse.org 
  • Faculties of Philosophy and Theology
        Last Meeting: Granada, Spain, 18-21 June 2015
        Next Meeting: Uppsala, Sweden, 11-13 July 2016 
        Coordination Committee:
        Thomas Garcia-Huidobro (Russia - ECO)
        Carlos Coupeau (Spain - EMR)
        Michael Kirwan (BRI - EOC)
        Philip Geister (GER), Host
  • Faith & Politics:
        Last meeting: Venice, Italy, 17-24 August 2014
        Next meeting: Venice, Italy, 21-28 August 2016
        Organizing committee: Edmond Grace (HIB) Chairman, Giacomo Costa (ITA)
        Secretary, Tobias Karcher (GER), Xavier de Bénazé (GAL), Mr. Tony Carroll,
        Emanuele Iula (ITA), Tomasz Homa (PME)
  • Formation: Formation Delegates
        Last meeting: Rome, Italy, 22-26 March 2015
        Next meeting: Munich, Germany, 3-7 April 2016
        Coordination Committee:Alessandro Manaresi (ITA),
        Hans Jürgen Kleist, (GER)
        Xavier Nucci (GAL)
  • Missions: Mission Offices and NGOs - Xavier Network
        Last meeting: Loyola, Spain, 16-20 November 2015
        Next meeting: London, Great-Britain, 16-18 March 2016
        Coordinator: Klaus Väthröder (Jesuit Mission, GER)
        Executive Committee:
             Mr Paul Chitnis (Jesuit Mission, London)
             Daniel Villanueva (Entreculturas, Spain)
        President: JESC – John Dardis (CEP)
        Vice President: Daniel Villanueva (Entreculturas, Spain)
        Secretary: Mrs. María del. Mar Magallón (Alboan, Spain)
  • Muslims: Les deux rives
    Last meeting: Nador, Morocco, 26-31 December 2015
        Next meeting: Spain, January 2017
        Convenor: Jaume Flaquer (ESP)
  • Novices: Masters of Novices
        Last meeting: Alexandria, Egypt, 28 June - 4 July 2015
        Next meeting: Place to be convened, 24th – 30th June 2017
        Steering committee: Thierry Anne (GAL), Brendan Callaghan (BRI)
        Convenor: Stipo Balatinac (CRO)
  • Philosophy: Professors of Philosophy (JESPHIL)
        Last meeting: Rome, Italy, 1- 5 September 2015
        Next meeting: Germany, Frankfurt, 1-5 September 2016
        Chairman: Heinrich Watzka (GER),
        Éric Charmetant
    (GAL), Dariusz Dankowski (PME)
  • Prayer: Apostleship of Prayer
        Last meeting: Rome, Italy, 31 July - 4 August 2015
        Next meeting: Vienna, Austria 21 – 24 September 2017
        European Coordinator: Raymond Pace (MAL)
  • Refugees: Jesuit Refugee Service in Europe (JRS-E)
        Last A.G.M.: Bucharest, 9-12 October 2014
        Next A.G.M.: London, Great-Britain, 11-)17 April 2016
        Next Regional Coordination Meetings:
            London, Great Britain, 11-14 April 2016
        Regional Director: Jean-Marie Carrière (GAL)
        Web site: www.jrseurope.org
  • Reviews: Editors of Cultural Reviews
        Last meeting: Vienna, Austria, 11-14 June 2015
        Next meeting: Madrid, Spain, 16-19 June 2016
        Convenor: Daniel Izuzquiza (ESP, Razón y Fe)
  • Scholastics: European Jesuits in Formation (EJIF)
        Last meeting: Loyola, Spain, August 2015
        Next meeting: Krakow, July-August 2016
        Coordination Committee:
        Luis Palha, (POR) Chairman,
        Piotr Jabłoński, (PME) Logistics,
        Mikhail Tkalich, (RUS) Treasurer
        Web site: www.jesuits-europe.info/ejif 
  • Social Delegates
        Last meeting: Palermo 25 – 27 April 2014
        Next meeting: France, 16–19 April 2016
        Steering Committee: Alberto Ares (ESP), Jérôme Gué (GAL), Marius Talos
        Chairman: José Ignacio García (ESP - CEP Delegate for Social Apostolate)
  • University Chaplains (JUPC.eu)
        Last meeting: Lithuania/Latvia, 9-12 November 2015
        Next meeting: Dublin 7-10 November 2016
       Committee : Leon Ó Giolláin (HIB), Danas Viluckas, (Lithuania), Peyo Azpitarte   (ESP)
  • University Presidents
        Next meeting: to confirm
        Last meeting: Brussels 13 December 2013
  • Vocations: Vocation Delegates
        Last meeting: Krakow, Poland, 17-20 April 2015
        Next meeting: Dobogók?, Hungary, 7-11 April 2016
        Assistancy Coordinators: Balint Nagy (HUN),
        Enric Puiggros (ESP), Manuel Grandin (GAL)
        Coord. Vocational Promotion Project WYD-Krakow 2016
        Mariusz Balcerak, (PME)
  • Webmasters: European Jesuit Webmasters (JesWeb)
        Last meeting: Drongen, Belgium, 20-23 April 2015
        Next meeting: Ludwigshafen, Germany, 11-14 April 2016
        Steering committee:
             Krsysztof Nowak (PME)
             Mrs. Alison Vella (MAL)
             Mr. Patrick Muldoon (HIB, Sacred Space)
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  Common Works of the Provinces of Europe  

  • Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC)

Rue du Cornet, 51 - B-1040 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +32-2 737 97 20 
Web Site: www.jesc.net

Director/CEP Social Delegate: José Ignacio García
E-mail: garcia@jesc.net

Secretary of European Affairs: Frank Turner
E-mail: turner@jesc.net


Office ("Siège social")
15, rue de la Toussaint, F-6700 Strasbourg, France
Phone: +33-3 88 22 31 85
E-mail: ocipe.strasbourg@wanadoo.fr

Rue de Cornet 51, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +32-2 233 5310 
E-mail: fce@skypro.be 
Website: www.fce.be 
Pastoral Director: Krystian Sowa

  • European Schools Brussels

The Society of Jesus is responsible for Catholic religious education
Director: Mrs Uli Neugebauer

Download a pps presentation of the European Schools

  • Chapel of the Resurrection

European Chapel
Rue Van Maerlant 22-24, B-1000 Bruxelles
Phone: +32-2 230 9294
E-mail: welcome@resurrection.be
Website: www.resurrection.be
Director: Krystian Sowa
Phone: +32-478 21 21 54

  European Interprovincial Community  

Brussels: St Benedict Community
Rue des Trévires 18, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +32-2 737 7020
Superior: Martin Maier
E-mail: saint-benoit@jesuites.com

Dublin: Tertianship of the CEP
Manresa House, 426 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3, Ireland
Phone: +353-1-805 72 39
Instructors: Joseph Dargan (HIB) and Jan van de Poll (NER)
E-mail: info@tertianship.eu
Website: www.tertianship.eu
Applications for the Tertianship of the CEP
have to be sent to Fr. Jan van de Poll

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